If your generator control panel does not read "Setup Wi-Fi Now!" with timer, please begin the process with going to your mobile device and navigating to the screen that allows you to choose a wireless network to connect to. You should see an entry that begins with "MLG". This is your generator.



If your mobile phone is configured to use cellular data when no internet connection is available through the currently connected Wi-Fi network you'll need to disable cellular data to continue. If you are sure that your configuration device is connected to the "MLG" wireless network but the network configuration dialogs are not appearing as expected, please disable cellular data before clicking the "Mobile Link Settings" button in the next step. 

Click the following link to reach the web page below: Mobile Link Setup. If this link is not working, please input this IP Address: into your web page .

A web page should be displayed. Select your country and the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu and tap Next. If an incorrect time-zone is selected, messages from your generator may appear with the wrong time stamps. Should you correct this error in the future, old messages will not update timestamps retroactively.

On this page, you will select the target wireless network and enter the security key. When finished tap "Connect". If you are having trouble entering the wireless password the SHOW link next to the password field will transition the field from dots to characters.

If you disabled your cellular data in a previous step, please enable it now. After clicking the "Connect" button in the above step you should see a page that says "Connecting".  This page will attempt to direct your browser to installml.com in order to complete a generator connectivity test.  An internet connection will be required for the test to report its results.

When the control panel displays Enter to continue and the Wi-Fi network name press ENTER.

The Mobile Link generator is now connected to your home network!